Free StbEmu Code Daily 04-2022

- November 07, 2021

Free StbEmu Code Daily 

Admittedly, today’s world is largely dependent on new technology. Thus, we see that everything relates to the Internet, including television. IPTV which is a technology linking television to the Internet was therefore created. Discover in this article everything about STB emu pro, the IPTV emulator for Android box.

Presentation of the IPTV Smarters Pro app

STB emu Pro is an application that can be used as a MAG emulator. Its primary function is to replace a MAG box and therefore allow you to access IPTV channels via various devices, including smartphone, tablet, PC, Android box and Smart TV. STB emu Pro is one of the applications best suited to IPTV technology.

It allows you to stream content in all countries of the world. However, to be able to use the application correctly, it is first necessary to install and configure it.

Installation of STB emulator

Installing STB emo Pro is fairly straightforward. After downloading the application on your Android, you simply need to launch it and press "Install". Wait a few minutes after the installation process without touching the device before launching the application.

Configuration of STB emu

After downloading and installing the STB emo Pro application, you will also need to configure it.
Please Note: We recommend using the either of the first two APK files since most of the settings have been pre-configured.

We only need to enter the MAC address:
​Go to Settings>Profiles(IPTV STB)>STB configuration>MAC-Address

Note: If you download the APK file from the Google Playstore you'll need to:
Change the portal URL: Go to Settings>Profiles(Use the default one/ Change the name if you want)>Portal Settings>
Check "Send Device ID": Go to Settings>Profiles(Use the default one/ Change the name if you want)>Device ID> Check " Send Device ID"

Once you are done,reload the portal or restart the application.
Once connected to the server, an authentication box will appear. Enter your your donation/route number in both fields i.e the route number serves as both your username and password.





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